It’s not something we are hearing for the first time.
Upper  West is a town regarded as a low income earning region due to the number of extended families in it and opportunities available.

Wa Municipal

Compound or family houses were for the purpose of uniting the people, today it is now a divider.

Do we take time to find out the causes of all these?
Let’s try to know the causes of family house misunderstandings.

1. Electricity Bills.
People living together have different employment statuses, different income levels yet use more gadgets than others who can afford.
When people pay for electricity and others don’t pay they feel cheated and insulted, this generates grudges leading to antisocial behaviors. Electricity bills have divided several families in Wa and it’s surroundings. Do we blame the electricity company for incompetence and poor planning?

2. Polygamy: When a family compound has more than one mother, you should expect jealousy and division. That was how hatred started in wa, when growing up, children are taught not to associate with other family members of a different mother due to superstitions they can’t prove and in the end it grows in the children they inculcate that attitude in them. Most parents(women) in this situation compete for their husband’s attention and property, how do they get it? Through spiritual means and consultations, that’s when they get deceived by friends, furthermore some alleged men of God or ritualists give them charms to control their husbands through various means, putting them in his food, water to bath or drink or in her sex organ.

wa, upper west

This kill the men faster with health problems as some wives even flirt at a given space after which grudges set in amongst the family.
3.Jealousy: in a house of more women than men, all you expect is envy from what others wear to how their partners look like, what work they do and how much they earn is monitored by others. This pushes others to seek spiritual methods of bringing others down, if it doesn’t work they deliberately set in quarrels at a given opportunity. This attitude simply means lack of vision, idleness and blurness in ones destiny. If you have this attitude then we put it to you that you are arrogant, advice yourself.

Wa Municipality

4. Cleaning and maintaining toilet rooms and bath houses.
In a compound where cleaning is a problem, people have misunderstandings, some people feel special to involve themselves in cleaning activities others deliberately refuse yet want to use the facility. This creates antisocial behaviors. There is no pride in not cleaning, it only creates a picture of lacking proper upbringing, arrogance and disregard for others.
Let’s tolerate each other for the betterment of the black race we are not ‘animals’ like the others think of us but our attitude will make them judge us.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

One thought on “Upper West: Causes of Misunderstandings in Our Compound Houses”
  1. Upper West Journalist re beginning to behave like “How de Word reports West Africa”.
    Why not report our strengths, achievements n Success so that the world with get to know n understand the beautiful place n people in Upper West. Where Unity n brotherliness is our topped priority?
    Why not write to show case our best tourist centers n beautiful culture but rather always talking abt our Problems, shortcomings n inadequacies! Why???
    Those our west has more juju dan the Volta , de Eastern or de Northern or Upper East region???? Coused of Misunderstandings in de compound Houses in upper West. Is that one too news???
    Even look at de pictures used. I’d our home Region not more beautiful now than that?????

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