Fuel Prices have gone done marginally according records from some Oil Marketing companies in Upper West Region.

On 2nd January, Fuel Prices dropped by a margins of Ghc1 at Goil, Ghana’s Major Oil Marketing Company.

There were predictions that fuel prices will drop below Ghc10 at the pumps but that didn’t materialize per Checks on 3rd January 2023.

Amadaway is currently selling Patrol at Ghc11.5 whilst Diesel Goes for Ghc14.5., the Lowest in the Regional Capital.

Goil sells patrol at Ghc12.40 away from Previous Ghc13.40 Diesel Goes for Ghc 14.60 at Goil.

Total sells Diesel at Ghc 14.60 whilst Patrol Goes for Ghc12.40.

Patrosol sells patrol at Ghc12.7 whilst Diesel goes for Ghc15.4

A Gallon of Patrol which is 3.7 litres Averagely goes for Ghc46
Whilst a Gallon of Diesel averagely also goes for Ghc59.

Some Traders have advocated for further reduction in Lorry and Tricycle fares within the Region.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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