A retired teacher and a Circuit Supervisor has called for serious audit and checks in the upper west circles of Ghana Education Service as he suggested there are fake certificates flooding the system with fake teachers bringing the standards down.

He suggested that most teachers agitating over salaries and promotions have fake certificates, he added that if you check critically such people are using certificates of dead relatives and others have altered the certificates.

Mr. Bombason went on to add that as a circuit Supervisor he went to Charia as part of his duty and realised a women kept her child on a table in the class whilst a teaching lesson was ongoing, this according to him made him upset and compelled him to shout at the women to move the child out of the class as the child wasn’t an apparatus.

He added that the same Lady wasn’t reporting to school for three months and had no lesson notes yet her headteacher shielded her, this compelled him to block the salary of the head teacher for not performing his duties.

He continued by stating an instance when he went to Wa East district on duty and realised teacher absenteeism was a norm. According to him, he realised teacher do not come for their lessons but go to the bank shamelessly to take monies adding that a native of the town instead of exposing them was rather shielding them by writing down their names daily, this according to him was being denied by the said teacher he approached as the teacher claimed they’ve been honoring their teaching lessons.
This compelled him to request for a previous name register to realise the signature for all teacher were the same and also the hand writing was speaking volumes. This compelled him to block their salaries.

Mr. Bombason concluded by saying most of the teaching staff of GES in Upper West can’t teach and anytime their students ask them questions in class they resort to the cane to scare the students, how do you teach when you know nothing? He quizzed and added that most of these teachers don’t know the four corners of a college or university class yet call themselves teachers.

By: Upperwestmedia.net

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