Mr. Duncan Nsoh, Incoming Regional Director of Education, Upper West

The upper West division of Ghana Education Service has been assigned a new Regional Director for Education.

The Director by Name Duncan Nsoh is from upper East and will Replace Mr. Evans Kpebah who retires in May.

Mr. Nsoh is Expected to Take over on 3rd June 2019 which is on Monday after Mr. Kpebah has handed over to him.

Mr. Nsoh was born on 2nd February 1964 and has been in the service since 1st September 1987, he was District Director of Education in Pusiga.


One thought on “Upper West GES gets new Regional Director”
  1. I am told the newly recruited teachers staff IDs for Upper West have not been generated since there is currently no regional director to give approval.
    The new Director is suppose to assume office before an account is created for him to approve the data inputed into the system.
    I certainly know the new director may need some time to familiarise himself for his new office.
    Considering this, newly recruited staffs in the region to will have to wait again.
    Why are they treating us this way?
    What crime what we committed to be treated this way?
    This is too unbearable!!!!

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