Galamsey in Ghana

The Upper West Miners Association of Ghana has jumped to the defence of Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Innovation (MESTI), in the raging issue regarding unaccounted for equipment seized from illegal miners.

According to the miners, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, whom they describe as a man of high moral standards, has nothing to do with the missing excavators.

They pointed out in a statement that, the matter has become a major issue after a public announcement by the Minister that some excavators seized from some illegal small scale miners popularly called ‘galamsey’, are missing.

They added that it was the same Frimpong Boateng who reported the matter to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, leading to the arrest of six persons in connection with the missing excavators.

The association said since he assumed the role as the Minister for Environment, Science and Technology Innovation and are convinced that, he is above reproach when it comes to issues relating to mining activities.

”We have no doubt and any reservation that the name of Frimpong Boateng is being dragged into the mud for reasons best known to political detractors who are bent on seeing to it that the hard-earned reputation of the good old professor is gone down the drain.

“We are assuring them that those who want to see the back of the Minister, will never happen. His hands are clean,” the group said the statement signed by the Secretary of the Association, Adams Musah.

The association added that Prof Frimpong Boateng will come clean from all allegations leveled against him because they know how selfless he is.

They called on all and sundry to allow the normal course of events to flow, especially with the investigative process with issues relating to the missing excavators.

By: Joy News

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