The National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Upper West Region commemorated the 44th anniversary of the June 4 uprising with a friendly football match in the Wa Central constituency. The match was held between Campaign and Taaju camp, two teams made up of members and supporters of the NDC.

The game was held at the Wa Tendaaba Primary Park and was attended by several party officials and supporters. The game was organized by the campaign team of the Member of Parliament to foster unity among the party in the Wa central constituency after the primaries.

Speaking at the event, the campaign Chairman of Rashid Pelpou the Member of Parliament for the Wa Central, Mr Yakubu Abdul Aziz, AKA Solid Man called for unity among members of the party and urged party members to work towards achieving victory in the upcoming general elections.

According to Mr. Mr Yakubu Abdul Aziz, the June 4 uprising was a significant event in the history of Ghana. In his view, the uprising served as a reminder the need for change and progress in the country.

The game was keenly contested, with both teams displaying great skill and determination. In the end, it was the campaign team that emerged victorious, winning the match on penalties. The event was attended by several party officials and supporters, who expressed their delight at the unity displayed by the party members.

The June 4 uprising, also known as the June 4 revolution, was a military coup d’état that occurred in Ghana on June 4, 1979.

Source: Info Radio

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