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*FELLOW AKATANMANSONIANS.* The time has come once again for us to re-entrust our society in a real and meaningful democratic manner so as to ensure the involvement and active participation of the people in our decision making process. We have seen inhumanities of epidemic proportions been committed with impunity, followers and the marginalized of our party been neglected and the result is…..we loss the scream of royalty and of power. *_Never again._*

Where do I start from…..Our leadership or the followers?. One begets the other and the other comes from the earlier.

_We Need To Understand This_👇
*Our Leadership*
We have two groups of leaders (1) Leaders for us (2) Leaders for themselves.

*Leaders 4us*
Those we make kings and they become our servants, those we make kings and they have a purpose, those we make kings and they never forget who they are, where they come from, where they are and where they are going *(ie. the purpose)*. They are those we make kings and they know us, they are the solution finders, they are those who are hearty in their approbations and lavish in their praises, they don’t brag, tease, divide nor insult….. They smile most often. *Let’s find leaders 4us* because they will come with a purpose and of course, with *”our purpose”*, they will *”come 4us not 4themselves”*.

*Leaders 4themselves*
These are the direct opposite of *leaders 4us*. They become different after we make them kings, they divide us and have favorites, they eat without getting satisfied, they have a one man purpose and not *”our purpose”*, they become ‘mini gods’ instead of servants……Their feel of desire and greatness fills their hearts, brains and breath. *Let’s avoid leaders 4themselves* because we have a purpose bigger than any single person.

The real kings and power custodians who made themselves servants, the true developers who have the right to choose to build or to break……the true pride carriers who should not give out their integrity for gold and silver.

They have the utmost power to make and unmake with the endorsement of Yaa Allah…..I place a confident call on all delegates to make those with the credibility, with *”our purpose “*, the unifiers, the servants….and unmake the monopolies, the ‘mini gods’, those who will eventually become strangers.

I call on our purposeful delegates, our respectful delegates, our democratic delegates, our NDC delegates, our delegates resistant to ‘paper’ influence, religious, tribal and traditional. We have a united purpose devoid of favoritism but confidence, dedication and attitude.

At the end, let’s show mutual respect and tolerance. We might not be particularly found of each other but we need to be particularly tolerant of each other.

_Fellow Akatamansonians, Snr comrades,_ we stand in a crucial stage in our party’s history, conscious of the destiny that beckons us all, we must hold out a hand of reconciliation before and after, a hand of trust and confidence. The hand must be opened to all who seek the future wellbeing of our party and nation. Am not in anyway asking others to abandon their interest nor am I asking them to suppress their opinions, am simply and deeply convinced of the need for harmony and cooperation for a common vision, a common objective and above all the unity that forms the foundation of our great party NDC.

*_Hon. Issahaku Nuhu Putiaha_*
*_Prince Razak Moomin Tachi_*
*_Hon. Moomin Razack (Gado)_*
*_Hon. Sherifdeen Shash_*
*_Hon. Rahman (General Marcus)_*

~And your like…..I submit you to Yaa Allah and our purposeful delegates to get you working for *” our purpose “*. You have been made kings, but you were servants, you have served *” our purpose “* before in so many ways and am very confident that the king makers have been part of your journey and will fully endorse you in thy name… Ameen.

*_LongLive NDC | *LongLive U/W | LongLive Mother Ghana_*

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