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The Upper West Regional Director of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Mr. Moomin Mubarik has observed that the public is reluctant in picking up their National Identification (Ghana) cards, and thus encouraged the public to do so.

He indicated that the NIA has packed in its office uncollected cards of people who are yet to be them up or simply do not care to follow up for collection.

He said that at first the people were rushing for the Ghana Card because they wanted to use the card to register their SIM cards to avoid been blocked.

Mr Mubarik told Info Radio in an interview that there are a lot of cards still in the office uncollected.

He said in an interview with Info Radio at the Regional Office of the NIA in Wa.

Mr. Mubarak indicated that some of the people do not see the need to come for the Ghana Card anymore.

He, therefore, encouraged the Media to support the NIA in educating the public so that they can come for their cards.

Mr. Mubarik said acquiring the Ghana Card is free, but having a requirement if one wants to get.

He said the requirements include one’s traveling passport or a birth certificate.

He added that in the absence of the two one can still get the Ghana Card with the help of a guarantor.

According to Mr Mubarik, the guarantor should be the person’s relative but when ones relative is not close he or she can use a high profile person in the society like a Pastor, Imam or an Assembly Member in the community.

Source: Info Radio

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