Nancy Dery and Minata Mumuni Had Same Number of Votes

The New Patriotic Party has been unable to elect a new women’s organizer to Replace Madam Diana Puopelle during Saturday’s Regional Delegates Elections.

The Elections were conducted at Wa Technical Institute and Results were declared for all positions including that of the Position of Woman’s Organizer.

No Winner was declared for the position as two candidates had same number of votes.
According to the Electoral Commission, Women Organizer will not be sworn inn today 28th May 2022,  the commission explained that consensus building is part of democracy,  “the new leadership will be left to address it,  we will do the
Swearing inn without the two” According to Mr.
Seth Boyoyo,  Chairman of Organization of Election Committee.

There were 242 delegates at the conference,  all ballot papers are 300.


Nancy Dery – 76
Diana Puopelle – 6
Mieri Yakubu – 29
Minata Mumuni – 76


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