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An NPP Group Organized to coordinate the affairs of Mr. Alan Kyerematen, Former Trade Minister has come out with a statement to Justify the Resignation of The Former Trade Minister from his position.

In a Statement Read in 10th January 2023 by Ahmed Marizuk, he indicated that their candidate’s Decision was necessary because had to protect the public purse, the group added that he wanted to focus on his campaign and page way for other Industrious party members to take up the mantle of leadership.

In an interview with Former Regional Research Officer of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Philip Braimah, he Indicated that Alan was a well marketed candidate who would be able to create jobs and make money available for Development, he added that Alan Kyerematen’s Track Records were remarkable.


The membership of the Upper West for Alan takes note with interest of Hon. Alan Kyerematen’s resignation as Minister of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Ghana on January 5, 2023, which was accepted by HE Nana Akuffo Addo, President of the Republic, on January 6, 2023.
Before victory 2016 of the New Patriotic Party, the then presidential candidate Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo had already reserved the visionary Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten as Trade and Industry Minister, this was no surprise to many as a result of the stellar performance and record as a remarkable Trade and Industry Minister in the former President Kuffour’s government.
We applaud the president for accepting the resignation so quickly and appointing the Minister of Finance, Hon. Ken Ofori Attah, as caretaker minister for this vital ministry until a substantive minister is appointed. This not only ensures continuity but also demonstrates the president’s promptness and decisiveness in matters of this nature and importance.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, in his acceptance letter, the president not only wished Hon. Kyerematen well in his endeavors but also thanked him for his sterling service to his government and Ghana at large. The entire Upper West for Alan agrees with the President’s assessment of Hon. Kyerematen’s distinguished service as a good citizen, former ambassador, and minister of state.
Under the transformational leadership of the venerable Alan Cash as Trade and Industry Minister, a record number of Business Resource Centers have been dotted all over Ghana, 67 in number, 37 fully operational with workers and 30 completed but yet to be operational.
Again, the famous 1 District 1 Factory, a cardinal pillar in the 2016 manifesto of our great NPP, has excellently been translated from abstract to reality with the magic touch and quality leadership of Chief Alan as Minister For Trade and Industry. In 2022, there were about 282 factories built, upgraded and functional in various regions in Ghana.
Furthermore, the Hon. Alan, again led negotiation and development of Bilateral Trade and Economic Relations between major trading partners, including the USA, UK, CANADA, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, JAPAN, DENMARK, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA, NIGERIA etc
His gentle demeanor, honesty, and accountable leadership put him a step ahead of his contemporaries. His devoted service to the party cannot be overlooked. He embodies the Bussie/Danqua/Dombo tradition’s true principles.
Ladies and gentlemen of the press, during the latter days of his presidency, former president John A. Kuffour, in his wisdom, directed that all ministers of his government who were interested in contesting the impending NPP flag-bearer race resign from their positions. This decisive action served the purpose of ensuring that ministries were not led by ministers who had divided attention between their ambitions and the running of ministries. It also released the ministers to have undivided attention in pursuing their ambitions. This action was widely praised by both party faithful and the entire Ghanaian citizenry, and it set a good tradition for the party moving forward.
Fellow Patriots, as stated in the constitution of the NPP in Article 13 (1) (6) and as a trailblazer, Hon. Alan Kyerematen has set the tone for the NPP Party and Ghana as a whole to repeat orderliness and discipline. This singular but courageous and selfless action, against the backdrop of his impending flag-bearer race for the party, will ensure that the ministry receives new leadership that will not be harmed by the burden of other activities to ensure continuity. It will also ensure that an equally qualified member of the party is appointed as a minister. As we all have been singing and saying, “We have the men.”
It is often said by the people of Upper West that “Tor yelsung bang toha,” to wit, “it is the good steps of other people that we follow.” We, the members of the Upper West for Alan in the Upper West Region, would like to use this medium to urge all current ministers and party members holding other portfolios in government who intend to run for the great NPP’s flag bearer position to follow the good example set by Hon. Alan Kyerematen and resign from their positions as ministers of state and other portfolios as stipulated in our constitution. This selfless act will benefit the party and on a larger scale, Ghana or the cradle, as well as provide opportunities for other party members to be made ministers.
Fellow Ghanaians, this will also save the state funds by preventing government officials from using state resources to fund their campaigns rather than personal resources. As the NPP is known for enforcing rules and regulations that ensure accountability and prudence, this will serve as a model for other parties to follow in reducing “incumbency advantage” to the barest minimum, both within and without the party in power. We also urge the President not to be hesitant in dismissing such individuals who will seek to “eat their cake and have it” by remaining in these positions.
Members of the media, we are urging all candidates in the upcoming election, especially their supporters, to conduct the campaign in a polite manner while following all party regulations and the constitution of Ghana as a whole. This is really an internal election, and in order to defeat the NDC and eliminate the eight-year mantra, we will need each other to work together in our quest to break the eight. Thank you once again for coming and God bless us all
Long live the Upper West Region
Long Live Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen
Long Live NPP
Long live Ghana!

Mr. Razak Bawa
Convenor – Upper West for Chief Alan (0541346089)

Cc: Media
: General Public

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