The Upper West Regional Police Command have come out openly to advocate against Vigilantism in the Country.

Upper West West Police Against Vigilantism

The campaign spotted in Graphic Stickers on their Wall in the Regional Headquarters had the following inscription on it:
“Vigilantism is a threat to Our Democracy”.

This popped up several days after irate youth within the country formed groups and violated the laws of Ghana in several ways. These acts prompted leaders of the various political parties to come out openly, condemning the groups and their practices in various Ares such as the Ayawasu West Waguon, When there was a by-election, Tamale where some group invaded the Northern Development Authority (NDA) in search of tricycles and also an attack on the NPP constituency Chairman is Sissala West Lately.

It can also be recalled that over 5000 individuals were being trained in the Castle, OSU in Accra, a militia group exposed by Investigative Journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni.


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