Back 2 is A Rapper based in Upper West Region

A Rapper Within the Upper West Region has released a statement explaining why Rappers in Upper West panic any time they hear his name.

“Y’all call me outmoded rapper yet your current rappers are afraid to battle with the old man

My name is Back2, I came from the past to rule the present…..I’m the originator of rap music in the 3 northern regions

I introduced y’all to rap battle and got y’all served with beef 🥩

I claim ownership of the “UpperRapGod “ if you think otherwise hit the studio and lets battle things up

The walls of my room are cracked with heavy punchlines and serious bars waiting to serve someone

I wanted to help a brother sell his album prior to it release but his team refused to think outside the box and seeing the business part of the game

Dear Artists, since you’re in to this sh**t full time think of the business aspect and make a living from it for your family


Back 2 has featured with top artistes such as Ras Badingu in Development and Love Songs.


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