The Upper West Regional Hospital is in dire need of government’s attention to address the facility’s human and logistical constraints hindering effective healthcare delivery.
The challenges facing the Hospital have caught the attention of stakeholders including the Savannah Development, a policy think tank, which has expressed grave concern about the issue.
The think Tank has therefore called on the government to come to the aid of the Hospital by providing both human and logistical support to enable it to deliver quality services to the people.
Mr. Abu Kansangbata, the acting Executive Director of Savannah Development, who made the call in a statement copied to GNA, raised concerns about the deplorable state of the Hospital.
According to Savannah Development, its investigations showed the hospital was in dire need of personnel like medical doctors, pharmacists, biochemical scientists, pathologists and paediatricians among other critical staff.
“It is stunning to note that the hospital has one of the worse doctor-patient ratio of one doctor to over 500 patients,” it said.
In the area of equipment, the investigations also revealed that the hospital lacks CT Scan, X-Ray machine, computers for entering data and other machines for clinical laboratory investigations.

It said the government’s slogan of “Ghana Beyond Aid” would not be achieved if pertinent issues such as that facing the health facility continued to hinder healthcare delivery in the country.

It therefore called for immediate deployment of health personnel and equipment to help improve healthcare delivery in the hospital.

The statement also called for immediate completion of the new Regional Hospital facility to boost access to quality healthcare services in the Region.

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