SB Kangberee Issues Note After Elections

The Upper West Regional Chairman of New Patriotic Party,  Mr. Saanbaye Basilde Sitalde Kangberee has released an official Message after the Constituency Elections held in the Region in the 30th of April 2022.


U/W: Regional Chairman of the NPP issues congratulatory message to all aspirants in the just ended constituency elections


On behalf of the New Patriotic Party’s machinery and my own good self I congratulate all the newly elected Constituency Executives for your new role and success chalked. yes, you deserve it and you won it on merit.

I again wish to assure your new administration that we are good to go as a team to BREAKING the eight and also grab or win majority of parliamentary seats in the Region to make an indelible history.

Well done and Big AYEEKOOO to all the family.

… Signed ….

Sabanye Basilide Kangberee

Upper West Regional Chairman of NPP



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