Napoleon Dery(Left), Farwest Aziz(Right)

The Smock Festival Media promotion has taken a different twist as two industry players have descended on each other in a quest promote the event.
The Smock Festival to be held on Send Waala Street is set to take place in the 24-26 of November 2022.

Napoleon, Organizer of the event called for more supporters as the gets endorsed day after day, a Former MCE of Wa, Hon. Nuhu Putiaha endorsed the program on his Facebook page few days ago. Some teachers and politicians in the town including Mr. Kugri Rafiq, Sieukuu Josephine, Mark Bonsuuri and many others have endorsed the project, Musicians including Gally have also endorsed the festival.

The Farwest Leader, Aziz had it stiff with Napoleon after he had issued some suggestions to Napoleon regarding the event:

Conversation between the Two:

Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi

What are your plans? Coz this is a new something you are bringing on board and before it attracts more people you need much under ground work than only social media post

Napoleon Derry:

Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi Is Smock new to you.. There are no plans, if u go support do so Bro if u won’t too den your own wahala

Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi:

Napoleon Derry I won support. Bye

Napoleon Derry:

Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi I know already you won’t support chairman…

Aziz Farwest Empire-Boi:

Napoleon Derry yh

According Aziz Farwest After the Social Media Banter:

“This is my offense to Napoleon,because I ask this that’s y he said I don’t like his success. In what way did I go wrong by asking him this? And u could all see his reactions after my comments 🤔🤔🤔. People tarnished and paint others in this industry just for nothing and at the same time complain that we don’t support. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 sometimes it looks funny to me . Like how”

Napoleon Dery will be discussing the development surrounding the Banter on Dryve 921 on Radio Waa.


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