Section of people in upper west have set aside 3rd July 2018 as a day to demonstrate against transferring of Some courses in Wa UDS Campus to Tamale and Navrongo Respectively ahead of making the various institutions autonomous. The action has met various negative reactions from natives who regarded it as an insult and disregard because no program was proposed to be brought to Wa campus.
Tumu Kuoro reacted to the issue earlier and asked for government’s interference.
ection 3 of PNDC Law 279 (1992) on functions of the University states that the University for Development Studies (UDS), shall pursue as its aims under section 2, studies in Agricultural Science, Medical and Health Sciences and Integrated Development Studies.”
The aspects of Integrated Development Studies have been ceded to the Wa campus of the University.
However, the statement contained that “the faculty of Social Sciences, the faculty of Arts (proposed under a collegiate system by the Wa cumpus), as well as all proposed and existing programmes of the department of African and General Studies, Wa campus are now proposed for the Tamale campus” while “the department of Environment and Resource Studies at the Wa campus is placed under the faculty of Earth and Environmental Science at the Navrongo campus in the Upper East Region”.
The chiefs further claimed that “the M.A Leadership and Development programme of the school of Business and Law, Wa campus, is to be moved to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Research and Consultancy Services in Tamale”.
Kuoro Richard Babini, who is the Paramount Chief of the Tumu Traditional Area wondered why no programme is moved to the Wa campus of the University under the supposed realignment process, demanding that ” current happenings at the university fly in the face of the law and must be halted by government to avert future litigation”.
The demonstratiom will start at the Jubile Park in Wa at 7:00am


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