Gbele Game Reserve is in Sissala East

Did you know that there’s a game reserve in the Upper West Region of Ghana? Well, it is called the Gbele Resource Reserve, but commonly known as the Gbele Game Reserve.

Located about 17km south of Tumu in the Sissala East Municipality, the 565km² Gbele Game Reserve is home to many species of wildlife including buffalos, elephants, hippos, waterbucks as well as both indigenous and migratory birds.

It is said to be host to Ghana’s largest stock of roan antelopes. Gbele’s spectacular arid ecosystem, together with that of the Mole National Park in the Savanna Region, is perhaps Ghana’s lifeline for the conservation of the critically endangered rosewood tree.

It is also an important parkland for the shea tree. Gbele is definitely worth a visit.

Most people within Upper West only thought of Mole National Park when excursions and tourism came to mind.

By: Upper West Observatory

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  1. Please point of correction, the Gbele resource reserve is located in the Sissala West District and not Sissala East.
    Information in the right up is scanty, my opinion.

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