Motorbike with Black Engine

Upper West Region is a place of several motorbike brands and types, over 30,000 motorbikes are registered by the DVLA in Upper West Region.

That’s Approximately Ghc300,000,000 in cash capital.

Motorbikes are the important part of our lives and as a result most public sector workers, business men etc resort to bikes as means of transport to work, some travel as far as 200km within Upper West in a day with motorbikes and spend little on fuel.

Some motorbikes can be Reliable than others based on their makeup, the higher the engine capacity, the more it consumes fuel. A motorbike with a capacity of 150 horse power will need not less than 7 litres of fuel to travel a distance of 100km whilst another with a capacity of 110 horsepower will need as little as 4.5 litres.

Black Engines are good but based on the warm weather conditions in the Upper West Region, a black Engine will likely attract more heat and as a result trigger your engine to overheat easily, this will result in your engine oil losing quality and resilience in a shorter period, people with black Engines should change engine oil more often than people with Ash engines due to overheat and excessive pressure. Such Engines mostly have coolers but that’s not enough.

Lastly, bikes with Black Engines consume more fuel than others like the ash ones, Black Engines are usually on intense pressure because of the weather and the extremely warm temperatures in the Upper West Region. This Means people using such Engines will consume more fuel and lose more money compared to other colleagues.

It’s adviseable to spray such Engines to a more reliable colour such as ash, one can also resort to buy bikes with Ash engines, Black Engines Usually don’t last.



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