Some Residents were Shot by Police
in the Past

Police in Upper West Region have done their best in the past to keep crime at its barest minimum, in the process some officers faced adversity whilst one lost his life, it can be recalled that in December 2016, a police officer was shot dead in the Wa West District.

Some Officers have also trespassed to the extend of shooting citizens in line of duty, some of these innocent citizens have lost their lives whilst others lost some parts of their bodies.

Meanwhile, Upper West Regional Police Commander, ACP Prince Gabriel Waabu Has Called for Calm as Efforts are in Place to Investigate the Developments.

The primary functions of the Force are those stipulated in Section 1 of the Police Force Act, 1970 (Act 350). It states among others that: “It shall be the duties of the Police Force to prevent and detect crime, to apprehend offenders and to maintain public order and safety of persons and properties”.

Firstly, in 2017. On 1st April 2017, A police man on night duty shot a young man by name ‘the game’ a past student of Wasec and a Teacher on his pelvic for Riding an Unregistered Motorbike.Constable Frank Kpenge was kept in custody assisting with investigations for Shooting Ali Rashid.
A police man, Corporal James Kuofa was attacked and nearly lynched by the angry youth.

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Secondly, in 2017 Again, Desmond Danye, popularly known as Nabu, who was actively involved in the campaign activities of the NDC MP, was shot in July 2017 at an alleged robbery scene by police personnel patrolling the Hian-Ullo stretch of the Jirapa District.

ASP Daniel Nartey, Jirapa district police commander, in an interview said ” Nabu was leading a robbery syndicate operating in the district and his gang met my men on patrol duty, mistook them for civilians and ordered them to stop. When they realized they were police officers they tried shooting and my men also returned fire killing him on the spot”.
He explained that there have been series of robbery attacks on commuters especially in the last couple of days.

“Our intelligence gathered so far suggests that Nabu has been leading most of these attacks on innocent citizens in the last few weeks.”

Police in Wa on Friday evening June 14, 2019 gunned down a nigerian man and arrested another who were spotted by a woman (name withheld) perforating a hole on her house and in her quest to know their motive she was attacked by the two men with cutlasses they were using.

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Thirdly, in September 2022, a 14year old boy was hit by stray bullet from a police officer According to statements from the boy’s father.

Ibrahim Hafis was shot at Gongo Muni T-Junction during an unrest in Wa on the 16th of September 2022. His leg was amputated at the Upper West Regional Hospital. He is a Basic 6 Student of Kabanye Model School.

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Lastly, on 8th March 2023, An Anti Robbery Group stormed Tangbile Ju in the Degu Electoral Area where they shot a 27-year old man by Name Abubakari Shahid to Death. He death has been tagged as Deliberate and Unfair with some youth groups threatened to take the law into their own hands.


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