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A Nabie in the Upper West Region is an individual with a royal lineage, such group of people are mostly settlers and can move from place to place in groups.

A nabie can be identified by certain characteristics they portray within an environment, it’s sometimes taught by their leaders and in other situations, followers learn such traits and emulate them when their leaders or elders practice them.

Several people within the Upper West Region are nabihi or Nabiiri in Dagaari based on ratio, 8:11 can be justaposed, 7 for number of Nabiiri, 3 for Tendamba and 1 for others seeking to be neutral.

These are some of the Characters Most Nabiihi Portray.

Firstly, Nabiihi prefer to be noticed first and greeted, once a nabie gets around a place they expect you to greet them first or draw their attention, this makes them feel on top of issues, whether a rich or an impoverished nabie, he or she expects that regard.

Secondly, Nabie Never let’s things go, once you offend them, they keep reminding themselves or try hard to in a way pay back, some times they use people to achieve that target if they know they can’t directly take action.
Most Nabihi naturally are unforgiving.

Thirdly, Most Nabihi hate it when others are Moving higher than them, it makes them feel less of royalty or in control, they may likely do what is possible to limit that achievement in order not to be looked down upon in the midst of such successful people. In a nutshell ”A Proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure won’t prick it’s pride”.

Fourthly, Nabiihi naturally, hardly do away with Tradition, even if they belong to other religions, they prefer to attach their Traditional practice because they believe the traditional section is what gives them power and strength.

Lastly, Nabiihi Believe in Polygamy, it will be very difficult to influence a nabie into monogamy, they may out of respect agree but in the end most are likely to keep another woman elsewhere to satisfy their believe and interest, Nabiihi Believe polygamy defines a royal soul.

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