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In the Ghanaian Economy, it’s difficult to arrive at a reliable Business one can invest Gh₵500 into without fear and panic.

Businesses are risk ventures, without risks no reward.

These are some of the Businesses one can start with Five hundred Ghana Cedis though the Cedi is fast Depreciating.

1. Selling Fruits: One can sell several fruits including oranges, watermelon, pawpaw, mangoes, pear, apples and several other fruits together. You don’t need a shop to start. You can Start with a table near your house in order to be able to park the fruits into your house after the day. It’s also adviceable to sell during the night because the sun can negatively affect the lifespan of the fruits.

2. Sell Call Credit: one can easily sell call Credit via transfer mode, the last time we checked, an EVD phone for transfer of MTN credit was Gh₵60, once you get hold of the phone and Sim Card, you can buy more airtime for transfer, you can also buy a Sim from Vodafone and AirtelTigo for transfer of credit but with that, you need an extra phone which will cost at least Gh₵70 so in all you can sell credit and Sim cards with Gh₵500.

3. Sell Engine Oil: One can sell Engine Oil of motorbikes in communities with Gh₵500, a litre of oil was Gh₵15 at the beginning of the Month, so with Gh₵500, you can get as much as 33 sealed oil for the start, all you need to do is situate your business close to mechanics for easy access, this should be done in areas far from capitals because people will prefer to go to shops, so location is important. If you also feel where you stay is far from communities you can also hand over the oil to a trusted mechanic and assure them of a discount, that way, they will sell and give you your money whilst they keep their discount.

4. Sell Alcohol: One can sell Alcohol with Gh₵500 but let’s also consider the health Implications. There are lots of alcoholic beverages one can buy and bring together to sell, bottled drinks, sachet drinks can be sold on table for the start.

5. Sell food: One can sell food with Gh₵500 for the start, fast foods such as Talia can be sold, in places such as Wa, Talia is a well marketed food item people patronize, they cook it and afterwards process it with some spices and eggs, it’s more affordable than some other fast foods. Eggs are also fried in addition to the Talia foods, one can also start fried yam business. Yam with eggs, fish and some ‘yaaji’ and pepper can be good business. Other similar foods you can sell are breadfruit also known as ‘bofrot’, you need bread floor, sugar, butter and oil to process it.

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