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The Upper West Region is fast growing and several things are being put in place economically to yield returns.

Previously we saw some Businesses one can start with Ghc3,000 and we believe going forward we need to be innovative by bringing the budget down to Ghc2,000. Later in other articles we shall look at lower budgets before moving to higher ones.

The following are 5 Businesses you can start with Ghc2,000 in most parts of Upper West Region.

1. Renting Building Materials, One can rent building materials in both open and close places, these items include block moulding machine, Shovels, mortar pans wheel barrows and similar hardware Including tanks.
Previously a tank was hired at Ghc5 per day, with the bigger ones going for Ghc8 a day. You need a welder to get you at least two for a start.

2. Selling Books: One lucrative thing an individual can go into is the sales of books and stationeries, hardware Including text books, excercise books, pens, pencils, note books, plane sheets, rulers, mathematical sets, calculators et al. These items are in high demand close to basic schools and offices and one can start such a business with Ghc2,000 even on a Table before you rent a shop.

3. Selling Smocks and related items, Selling Smocks of Children and other materials can fetch you lots of Money, this can send you even far if you are good at using digital methods of tading such as WhatsApp and Facebook, take pictures and create a Facebook page or Whatsapp group to market your products, one can start the business with Ghc2,000 you only need to ensure your prices are moderate compared to others. Pricing is important.

4. Renting Plastic Chairs and Canopies: Per checks in the Market, a plastic Chair costs Ghc60 depending on the type, this means with Ghc2,000 you can get 30 Plastic Chairs for the start with a balance of Ghc200 for simple occasions such as meetings, naming ceremonies and weddings, it’s not a must for people to get all the number for chairs they want at your place, they can get some elsewhere and others from you so don’t feel 30 is too small for a start its a sign of failure to disregard small beginnings, get them, place a label on them and Inform people, the last time we checked, renting a chair for a day was Ghc1 it means you can get Ghc30 a day if all are taken and Ghc210 in a week if they are taken and kept for a week.

5. Create a Tea Joint: such businesses are locative mostly during cold seasons, get a table, a coal pot or a mini gas cylinder which costs about Ghc150, you also need tea products and sugar together with a bread supplier and some regular supply of eggs, get a two benches and a long table for the start. All you need to do is make your prices moderate and be friendly.

We are working to Release Businesses you Can start with Ghc1,000 Within Upper West in our next business window.


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  1. Very lovely people.. you’re really thinking good about your peoples and intend to deliver us from poverty.i just adopted the idea and will implement it,I promise you

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