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The Upper West Region has over 900,000 residents based on the 2021 Population and housing Census with this working force within the Region, it’s expected that almost all have a means of Survival but some Professions are well known and respected due to the impact the professors have directly in society.

These are the most Respected professions in Upper West Region and why people Respect them.

Firstly, Farming. Farming has been respected since ancient days and by all in the World including people in Upper West Region, Notable Personalities and Individuals like UB Global Links Company Limited, Antika Company Limited, 18th April Company Limited have redefined Farming in Upper West Region, Some Others Including Kalgaston Company Limited actively involved in Mango Farming, Lamdi Poultry Farms in Wa, Second Kitchen, Spicey foodies Restaurant etc.

The Agriculture Industry in worth over Ghc1.5 Billion Cedis in the Upper West Region.

Secondly, Human Engineers, These Group of People Popularly Referred to as Teachers are the Backbone of the Upper West Economy, particularly the Early childhood stages including Early grade Education, Primary Education and Junior High Education.

Private Education has become Lucrative Business in the Upper West Region with Private Schools Tripling in Numbers Since 2014.

Areas including Wa Municipality has up to 30 Basic Schools in the Upper West Region which Generates up to Ghc20 Million Monthly and Ghc240 Million Annually.

Thirdly, Nursing and Healthcare: People in the Healthcare Sector are respected in Upper West Region including People in the Pharmaceutical Care industry. The Industry Protects and Saves Lives and this has attracted admiration and respect from the Masses, Several Private Health Faculties have been established in the Region So Far including Rabito Clinic, Homeland Clinic etc. The Health Sector isn’t a Revenue Raking Sector Due to How Delicate healthcare Delivery is but the Industry Rakes inn about Ghc100 Million Annually into the Upper West Regional Gross Domestic Product.


Spiritual Workers: People in the Spiritual industry are respected so much in the Upper West Region, Pastors, Mallams, Traditional Healers have a powerful role they play in the Upper West Region, Several of them have saved lives with people willingly paying huge sums to prominent spiritualists for favors.

The Spiritual Industry in Upper West Region is worth Ghc40 Million Annually.

Lastly, Fashion Designers, lots of fashion designers including those in the weaving industry get utmost respect because they are protecting culture of the Region and selling our brands globally. The Fashion Design industry in Upper West Region is Worth Ghc500 Million Ghana Cedis Per Annum. Several Stakeholders have Advocated for Smocks to be used as Friday wear in Basic Schools within the Upper West Region.

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