People in Smock

Smock is one of our most Celebrated Costumes we need to protect as much as we can. It’s very creative of us to be able to blend several colors in order to Produce Different types of Smocks for Different occasions.

Smocks are very Affordable lately and it takes between Ghc140-Ghc200 to own a simple Smock within Wa, Jirapa, Lawra, Nandom, Nadowli, Dafiama, Tumu, Lambussie, Wechiau, Funsi, Gwollu and  Nearby Communities. Smocks for Adolescents will cost averagely Ghc50-100 depending on the Location whilst Smocks for Infants will cost about Ghc35-40.

We have Smocks sewm with Hands and those sewn with Machines, those sewn with Machines are comparatively cheaper than those sewn with the hand.

A Smock Business Expert by Name Josephine Siekuu has advocated against Washing Smocks with Powdered soap, she Advocated for Liquid soap to be used instead.

These are the Occasions in Which Smocks can be used.

Firstly, Funeral Grounds: One can wear a red or Black Smock at Funerals Grounds as a sign or grief and mourning, in our Dagaaba Culture, it’s not prudent to wear a white smock at funeral Grounds.

Secondly, Naming Ceremony Grounds: Smocks can be warm at Naming Ceremony Grounds most especially White Smocks are Appropriate for such occasions, It’s a mark of Celebration, our  Cultural Heritage and earns a person more respect.

Thirdly, At Political Events: It’s easy to design a smock with a color combination that reflects the identity of a particular political party. This gives one a unique appearance at such grounds, it also makes one appear Executive and Appealing at sight.

Fourthly, at Work Place: It’s Appropriate and Officially accepted to use a smock at your workplace, it’s a mark of one’s identity and projection of one’s culture, let the society know whom you are by your appearance.

Lastly, At at Schools: Smocks can be made Friday wears for Students in some basic Schools in the Upper West Region.

How do we market it? Buy Smocks for friends a presents, do you have friends, Buy Smock Materials for parents and other siblings make them Presentable, it’s a way of Projecting our brand and selling ourselves to the World. Give Smocks to people as prizes.

Contact Nubuke Foundation to Discuss Issues of Projecting Smock and Making the Most Traded Fabric[+2339029868]

Buy Quality and Affordable Smocks in Wa, Contact Smock City Business Center on: [0249433277]


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