DerryGee,Alaska,Hamid, Teejay

Upper West Entertainment Industry is worth over Ghc5 Million and several people have contributed to it’s development.
These people Include DJs from all walks of life in the Upper West Region.

Some notable DJs in the Upper West Region that have exceeded a decade and half with their notable works include the following.

Firstly, DJ Teejay, he is one of the Oldest and experienced DJs in the Upper West Region, know in real life as Erasmus Asare, he is currently the General Manager of Gangaa FM in Jirapa and CEO of Teejay Multimedia Limited. He worked with GBC Radio Upper West, Radio Progress in the Early 2000s and hails from Akropong, Akuapim.

Secondly, DJ DeryGee, a former Entertainment Prefect of Kaleo Senior High Technical School is one of the Oldest Serving DJs in the Region. He established Rodena Digital Studio in Waapani in 2011 and has produced several songs of Prominent individuals including Nuhu Economics, Dauda Kunateh, David BB.

Thirdly, DJ Slim, He was with radio Progress and has supported several talented Artistes to market their brands, he is currently out of town but his marks have been left behind.

Fourthly, DJ Hamid Known in Real Life as Saaka Hamid is a well Know DJ who worked with Radio Progress in 2013, he has nurtured several talents in the Wa Municipality including Jackstill, C Flow, Lebron etc.

Lastly, DJ Alaska, he has been a practicing DJ Before moving to Sungmaale FM in 2013, he projected upper west music in Sungmaale FM and Projected several talented individuals including Ghanaguyz, Dauda Kunateh, David BB etc.

You can add yours to the comments session if he or she was omitted.

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