Upper West Region has gotten two television stations already with the latest one being Legacy TV Station in Dobile, a suburb of Wa Municipality.

This was revealed on Wednesday 14th June 2023 by some Stakeholders.

The station will bridge the visual communication gap in the Upper West Region and properly define our culture and creations if Managed accordingly.

One other Station including Info TV is in the Pipeline According to Gabriel Mwini of Chameleon Communications Group.

These are the Benefits a TV Station will churn out in years to come.

Firstly, Reliable Actors, Artistes, The Upper West Movie and music Industry has several potentials but the setbacks they face are the lack of Space to portray their talent. This has reduced patronage of their services since Compact Disks(CD) are out of market. Several people aren’t also used to social media to access their several Actors and Actresses shall produce TV Content for the Station to earn income.

Secondly, TV Series for Education. Several TV Series will be introduced weekly. At the south, we have programs like Efie Wura, Cantata, Obra etc that created thought Provoking content to educate the society.

Thirdly, Project the Region and Culture. Culture is a way of life and we wouldn’t want ours to be left to die, constantly reminding ourselves and practicing it will go a long way to project our culture and it’s resources such as Smocks, Drinks including Pito, Mud houses(not for the poor) and some of our foods including Koose, TZ, Simbie etc.

Fourthly, Project businesses and grow our local market. Marketing shall be improved significantly through more audio visual projection, this will also create room for products and services to be seen outside the Region.

Lastly, Make the media space competitive. With the Introduction of a Second TV Station, several business minded people will have interest in joining the Digital trade, this will result in more TV Stations being established.


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