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The following Words have been misconstrued to be Dagaare words but in actual sense they are not.

Dagaare is an Official Language Taught in Schools within the Country.

Firstly, Adansie – Adansie is an Akan word meaning witness but some people perceive it’s a Dagaare word, instead if saying Adansie one can say

Secondly, Paanuu: This word is commonly used to describe bread in Parts of Upper West Region, though it’s an Akan Word, several people have grown to perceive that the word is a Dagaare/Waali word. There is a name for bread in Waali but what is it? Dagaari Master, Mr. Jerry Tengan Explains that Waali and Dagaari have no local word for bread, he added that ‘Boroboro’ is locally accepted but not official.

Thirdly, Gyirime: Gyirime is a Hausa word meaning respect, it’s Popularly used in Wa as well to mean same word but According to Mr. Jerry B. Tengan, Gyirime is a Hausa word not Dagaare/Waali.

Fourthly, Banjira: Some people mistake banjira to be toilet, which is a hausa word meaning going behind. Banjira is not a Dagaare/Waali word.

Lastly, Bokti/Bokri/Bucket: Bokri is used to represent bucket in Dagaare but the fact that, there were no ‘Bokris’ in those days so we had to borrow the word.

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One thought on “UW: 5 Words Mistaken for Dagaare/Waali Words”
  1. Paanuu n bokti are both Portuguese words not for Akan, besides there is no independent language in this world. Most of the Ghanaian languages borrowed from the early Europeans. Eg a word like karataar(paper) is also Portuguese.

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