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Based on several economic factors, one has to be strategic in getting the right business plan to execute without necessarily wasting too much resources.

Some businesses though not huge can be for the start. Some of these business can be very lucrative or less based on the location and the entrepeneur’s behavior towards the business and customers.

6 Businesses you can start with Gh₵1,000.

1. Selling Carpets . One can begin selling Carpets in an open are before you get a shop, carpets can even be sold under a tree for the start, you only need to notify people of your business, though several people are switching to tiles, some other temporal Residents of houses prefer carpets due to the temporal nature of their settlement, others use carpets in shops, different types of carpets can be sold, the light one and the thick carpets, it’s however not adviceable to sell the woolen ones due to environmental factors such as the weather.

2. Selling Curtains: Selling Curtains can be very rewarding, several houses and verandas of people require curtains for privacy, this includes offices, restaurants, hotels, spots and some shops, some hostels and churches will also demand curtains, curtains come in different colors and designs, colors and designs are important factors to your success, pay attention to what color makes people happy and what they define as bad luck, some colors may keep long with you. Mostly green, blue, white and pink curtains are chosen more.

3. Selling Bread, being a supplier of bread can be very rewarding, issuing to tea joints and shops can get you lots of money, you only need to link up with a bakery and pre inform you customers to expect your products, you should have different options including butter bread, tea bread, brow bread et al.
4. Selling Crates of Eggs: A  crate of Egg is currently Ghc29, one can Beginning as a distributor of Eggs in your area,this means with 1,000 cedis one can afford 34 crates for the start, distribute to Stores and people into sales of food and tea. You can also sell some by frying them at night for customers.

5. Sale of Buttons, Tailoring ropes, needles, materials of school uniforms et al: Several tailors in some areas are usually in need of such hardware and have to travel far to get them, what if you begin selling all types of Buttons, zips, colors of ropes and cloths and lining. This will go a long way to generate revenue for you.

6. Selling Yoghurt, Fan Milk, Fan ICE, Tampiko et Al, lots of people love such things including students, currently 1 yoghurt goes for Ghc2.50, meaning you can get a profit of 0.50p from one, all you need to do is get a supplier to provide them at where you are, freeze them and sell them, make use of the fridge in your room if you have one, put them in a cooler and send them to markets, schools and public places.

We hope this helps, our next article will focus businesses to establish with Gh500.

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