There are Several Business Opportununities in Upper West Region

Several People within Upper West Region are so much interested in business but not compared to formal education, economically it’s prudent to blend the two because after Education the next target is to earn a monthly Income, a flow that is renewed after 30 days, it may be significant based on the level of income and the time one gets away from public sector works.

If business products are in the south and involves travelling, reduce the travel by using platforms such as WhatsApp and MoMo, it will help, travelling takes away lots of profit from businesses.

The following are businesses one can do with Ghc3,000 in parts of Upper West Region.

1. Establish shops with minor Computer Electronics: One can establish a shop with minor Computer Electronics within nucleated settlements far from major markets, this will help people have access to such accessories even when they are far from the market. Some of these Include Phone covers, earphones, chargers, Pendrives,SD Cards, Housings, Small Phones, USB cables etc. There is much demand for these electronic packages due to the rate at which the masses have embraced technology you can include sale of some cards and call credit.

2. Go into Mobile Money Business. One can Go into Mobile Money Business in most Districts or Municipalities within the Region. A Business Certificate will cost approximately Ghc120 within the MMD Assembly within which you plan to establish the business, One is required to get a Merchant Sim Card from MTN or Vodafone Network Company. Per information gathered from a customer care officer within Wa, he explained that one can get a Merchant Sim at Ghc100, one should have a business certificate and a Ghana Card. A Customized Umbrella should cost not less than Ghc150.

3. Trading of Kids Wear. Buying and selling kids wear such as sandals, shirts, trousers and dresses is a minor source of income, several parents would want variety of options for their kids,going for these clothes, some children of school going age will also need sandals and This will also be a reason parents will prefer these options, the options should be affordable anyways.

4.Rearing Rabbits: per a Farmer’s Experience is rabbit farming, a rabbit can produce 7 offsprings in every three months during the Summer, mostly during the winter seasons it produces three offsprings, mostly the food rabbits enjoy which triggers them to produce more is watermelon. A rabbit can cost up to Ghc70 in the market.

5. Selling Electricity Appliances: One can begin selling or trading electricity appliances such as coils, bulbs, fans, cables, heaters, pipes in districts and rural areas away from major markets, not everyone will like to go to the market when their bulb is off permanently or when their coil gets spoilt, this means one can generate revenue from such electricity appliances including Remote control for TV Sets, Wireless set(Radio) etc.

6. Selling Curtains: One can begin selling Curtains as part of business with at least Ghc3,000 some curtains and pillows including carpets can be good for a start, this can be done in communities and some towns within the Upper West Region.

4 Businesses You Can start with Ghc2,000 will be Posted Soon.

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