The Upper West Region is occupied with various traditional groups with Different beliefs and some relatively Different dialects.

A Cultural of Traditional name is very important to most parents in the Upper West Region, few years back, a Former Upper West Regional Minister, Alhaji Alhassan Suleman highlited on the need for Children to be given Cultural names in order to mark a unique identity.

In Some Parts of Sissala and Dagaaba Settings, parents live to give their children cultural names based on several based on several factors, one is based on the situation in which they found themselves before the child was born, also based on the child’s destiny, whether the child reincarnated or has a defined future.

These are some names that are ambiguous and wouldn’t speak well on a child.

Firstly, Taŋkaamale: it’s a popular name anyways but it’s oblivious to state that one can be quiet and expect everything to be fine, is some of our traditional people are made to believe that silence is golden and as a result on should be quiet in order to get a solution in the future. Tankaamale means ‘silence will save the problem. Do you think silence can save problems. Well there is a saying.thst a problem shared is a problem ‘half’ solved.

Secondly, Zintang: a popular name in parts of the region, similar to tankaamale, this name means one should turn his back to whatever is happening or turn a blind eye to issues. Can problems be solved if we ignore them?.

Thirdly, Baŋkungeli: Bankungeli is a name that seeks to encourage people to be quite as Usual, it seeks to urge people not to advocate or call for a change, it also suggests that one should not discuss what they see.

Fourthly, Banakuma: a name that justifies a state of Insecurity around one, the name means ‘they are planning to kill me’, is it safe to give your child such a name?

Fifthly, Dogɛbakuura: A name that econourages poverty around us, this name implies that ‘poverty and adversity doesn’t kill’, that it makes one stronger, do you think poverty makes you stronger.

Taŋkaakpeba: A Proverb that seeks to imply that one should ignore people to Inflict psychological pain on them, do you think we would have had a justice system if this was to be applied.

Do you also have some names in Mind, Share in the comments session below.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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