Sachet Water Producers of Upper West

Ghana’s Economy is coming back on track and as a result, there are several developments coming into place.

The Dollar has gained value significantly and as a result prices of some major Economic determiners such as Fuel, Dollar have gone down.

Patrol Currently sells at Ghc13.40 at Goil away from Previous 17.90 in November.
Lorry fares have also gone down by 15.3 percent in the Country.

There are things that people expect to see a price change inn and they are as follows:

Firstly, Price of Cement: The price Cement has stayed High despite the appreciation of the dollar and reduction in fuel prices. Several people have tagged the Development as unfair and a form of Extortion by distributors. Price of a bag of cement was Ghc65 when the dollar was trading at Ghc7 to a dollar, it shot up to Ghc100 when the dollar sold at Ghc14.50 currently the Cedi sells a Ghc8 to a dollar whilst prices of cement remains same.

Motorbikes in Wa

Secondly, Motorbikes: Prices motorbikes have shot up by over 200% in the Upper West Region, a development people believe is premeditated. Meanwhile some distributors have blamed prices on CFA which isn’t the case on all motorbikes. Bikes like Apsonic, Luojia, Haojin, Royal are Ghanaian machines and one doesn’t need CFA to purchase them.

Thirdly, Electronics such as Phones: Price of Phones are determined by the Dollar, Currently,the dollar is trading at Ghc8 in GCB and other international Banks yet prices of phones are Higher.

Fourthly, Price of Sachet Water: Secretary of Sachet Water Producers Association, Mr. Wiyor Abass blamed increase in price of Sachet Water on hikes in fuel prices and the dollar which Resulted in hikes in prices of materials, what do we see today, a Reduction in fuel prices and the dollar’s value yet price of Sachet Water remains High contrary to What Mr. Wiyor Abass Promised.

Fifthly, Camboo Fares: Tricycle Riders Association blamed increase in price of fuel as reason behind their increase in fares,today price of fuel has gone down.

Lastly,  Spare parts of Motorbike: Spare parts have had a grievous increase in price due to factors Including the dollar and fuel, Currently those reasons are in the past, some others have also assumed that the attacks on Nigerians is also the reason behind the increase in the prices.


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