Cultural Names are very Influencial and important in our part of the country and people will bear with this post that they define one everywhere you go in a good light, Cultural names should be protected and leaders should our in place most especially district and assemblies to document our museums if possible.

These are Influencial Names in the Region and What they stand for.

Firstly, Dakurah, a very Popular and Influencial name, it’s given to a child who has reincarnated.

Secondly, Dery, the name is given to a child whose mother lost several Children in the process of Childbirth whilst he or she is the only surviving child afterwards.

Thirdly, Dorsaa or Dasaa : it’s a name to given to a child whose mother gave birth to him when it was raining. A female is Pogesaa.

Fourthly, Suglo: Suglo is a name given to a third child whose parent have birth to three consecutive children with same gender, it means if one has three children and all three are either boys or girls, the third child is ‘Suglo’.

Fifthly, Bayuo, A Child whose father died before she was born is given the name Bayuo, a girl is also given the name Ayuo.

Sixthly, Ayor, a Girl who was born in the Farm is called Ayor whilst a bit is called Bayor. Lately such instances are fading because of the Presence of health faculties, most Women give birth in hospitals.

Samwine: Samwine is a traditional Name that signifies that a Child is a servant of a rain god.


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