Late Lawyer Badombie

The family of the slain lawyer, Richard Badombie has appealed to the Ghana Police Service to intensify its search for the killers of the late lawyer months after his burial on held on Saturday, July 9 in Kunchene in the Jirapa Municipality.

“The family had visited the town where the attack took place and with the help of the people, we performed some rites to pave way for burial.

“We want to know whether they were really armed robbers or a personal attack,” Mr Leonardo Badombie, the father of the victim, said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Tumu.

Mr Marcelinus Badombie, an uncle of the deceased, said the family suspected three circumstances that might have led to the untimely death of the lawyer.

“Richard was politically active in his constituency, and as an Assembly Member of the Kunchene Electoral Area, he attempted to become a Presiding Member but was unsuccessful.

“He once told me he had the political ambition and wish to contest to become a Member of Parliament to represent the Jirapa constituency, this we think did not go down well with some of the political actors,” Mr Badombie explained.

He also said: “The late Richard’s chambers were also involved in a legal case that had to do with chieftaincy, but his hard-line position made it impossible for his opponent to penetrate and, therefore, we suspect some foul play”.

“His quick rise in his chosen profession as a lawyer after many years of struggle gives us a cause to be suspicious of the circumstances surrounding his death”, Mr Badombie added.

The private legal practitioner with Lartey, Badombie & Co Associates taught English and French at the Tumu Senior High Technical School from 2008 to 2012 until he got admission into the University of Ghana to pursue Law Degree and subsequently to Makola for his professional course.

Kuoro Bamula Basinjia Chiemina, the Chief of Kandia in the Sissala West District, who was a friend to the late Badombie, described him “as determined and loyal to his friends, he can sacrifice anything for a friend and would not abandon you in times of difficulty, we would miss him.”

The late Richard Badombie died two days before his birthday on the 28th of May 2022 on the Bole Bamboi highway when he was allegedly stopped and shot by unknown gunmen.

According to the Police situational report, the late Richard Badombie was travelling from Accra to Jirapa with three relations in a Hyundai Accent saloon car with registration number GN 9890-17 when they were attacked.

Upon reaching a section of the road between the Banda Nkwanta and Nuoyiri communities on the Bole-Bamboi highway, three armed men emerged from a nearby bush and signalled them to stop.

Whiles slowing the vehicle down, one of the armed men immediately shot at Richard who was driving and killed him in the process.


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