Shea Fruits

Shea trees are precious trees found in most parts of West Africa.

They have several economic benefits and health or medicinal benefits to people of the Upper West region.

You can find Shea in all areas of the Upper West Region, shea trees have become endangered trees due to the fact that several people cut them down and convert them into charcoal for the purpose of export and also for domestic use.

Mass Destruction of Shea Trees in Jirapa-Han

These trees have value when they’re cut down and also when they’re left to grow. They have more value when they are left to grow than when they’re cut down because when they’re left to grow, they produce shea nut which can be exported for economic gains annually, another factor is that, Shea fruits are edible and serve as food for hunters Farmers and other group of individuals who are interested in natural foods from the ecosystem.

One important benefit discovered from Shea Fruits is that it aids in quick digestion of starchy food and speeds up the digestion process.

This prevents calories or excess sugar which is glucose from storing in the body awaiting usage. This means that if one continues to take inn Shea Fruits, he or she is more likely to burn calories rather than retaining them, the body is able to reduce the level or number of calories by enhancement of some components of digestion i such as Ptyalin in the stomach for quick digestion process.

Ptyalin helps digestion by breaking down starches and glycogens as they enter your mouth.

That is why trees should be protected finally shea should also be made available and restaurants or bars so that after eating one can take in one or two shelf is 28 and quick digestion of food.

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