A Total of 1,803 police officers are needed to fully equip the region for full force security operationalization.

Upper West Region has a Population of 901,502 based on the 2021 Population Census.

Upper West Region has been faced with security deficit for some time due to several factors including incessant demands for transfer from the Upper West Region.  Some other officers in some districts have blamed robbery attacks in areas such as the Wa West District capital Wechiau and other areas such as Varempere.

In December 2016, Edmund Kokovi, a police officer stationed at Wechiau in the Wa West district of the Upper West Region was shot and killed by armed robbers.

Constable Edmund Kokovi who was on duty at the DCE’s residence was killed around 10pm Saturday  while returning to post after going to purchase phone credit in town.

The suspects, according an eyewitness, Daniel Dortuo, were  returning from a robbery operation on two motorbikes and thought the police officer, who was also a passenger on a motorbike, was chasing them.

They opened fire after the officer beckoned their speeding motorbikes to  slow down because there was a church convention ahead.

Also in April 2017, a Police Officer by name Believe Amedzro was transferred from the Upper West Region for Verbally Assaulting Residents of Wa and Calling them ‘thieves’.

A police officer stationed at the District Police Command in Wa has caused some stir with her description of the residents of the Upper West regional capital as ‘fools’.

The officer, Lance Corporal Believe Amedzro who has been in the area for over four years, in a series of posts on Facebook, she called the people of Wa ‘fools’  whose forefathers were criminals ‘criminals’.

The posts which are believed to have published Sunday evening are said to have been Amedzro’s response to the reaction of some residents following the unprovoked shooting of a motor rider by a Police officer in the town the day before.

Her insulting post angered residents some of which threatened to attack her if she is not transferred from the Municipality immediately.

In total the Upper West Region needs 1,803 Police Officers to fight crime  based on the UN Requirements of 500 citizens to 1 Police Officer.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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