Superintendent Franklin Kramoh, Wa District Commander

The Wa Municipality has been tensed in a while after some series of abductions were carried out in the Regional Capital.

The Police have begun processes to curtail such developments through the the Upper West Regional Police Commander, DCOP Peter Ndekugri.

On 8th of August 2022, The Waala Traditional Area Organized a meeting at the Wa Naa’s Place and present at the meeting were several security heads including Superintendent Franklin Kramoh, the Wa District Commander of Police.

He indicated at the Palace that Few Communities in Wa are helping with Information.

“Other communities are helping but it is in a form of volunteerism, others are not ready to surrender to assist, those who are assisting we are going to work with them to bring crime to the lowest minimum”.

Mr. Kramoh after 8th of August has not been seen in most crime scenes of abduction, officers usually present are the Upper West Regional Commander, the W District Crime Officer and the Deputy Commander.

Is the Wa District Police Commander Running from his duties?.

Superintendent Kramoh was Transferred from Sunyani to Wa few years ago.




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