ADB Nandom

Agriculture Development Bank, one of the Biggest Banks in Ghana has established a Branch in Nandom Municipality aside Wa and Tumu Branches.

The Development was discovered on Friday 19th May 2023 and confirmed by Nandom FM.

The Bank is the First Government Bank to be Established in Nandom since the Constituency was established, it was officially Nandom District on 28th June 2012 before it was Elevated to Municipality in 2018 together with Jirapa, Lawra and Sissala East.

The Bank will Serve Lambussie, Lawra, Hamile, Ko and other Neighboring Communities.

Nandom has one Rural Bank by name Nandom Rural Bank, there was GN Bank in Nandom before it’s license was revoked.

“Nandome, we are bless to have Hon. Ambrose Dery as our MP.
Now the good NEWS; Agricultural Development Bank [ADB] in Nandom. Follow us for more updates.




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