Late Wa Naa Yakubu Soalia III (left), Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV (Right)

Wa Municipality is one of the oldest Royal settings in Upper West Region formerly Upper Region before 1983.

Several overlords have been enskinned as chiefs in Wa since 1887 according Princess Suuri Widana of Northern Unity Page.

Most people of Wa migrated from Nalerigu in the North East Region and are Mamprusis by tribe. Some other migrated from Mande in Mali, Jirapa, Sissala Area to settle at Baŋwaara Yiri.

Some Waala households have settled at Chansa, Busa, Goli, Loggu and Jimpenhi. People of Dafiama are Waala from Busa According to Dafiama Naa Naa Dikomwini Domalae II, President of Upper West Regional House of Chiefs.

In Honor of one of the Prominent Chiefs of Wa, a TVET school was named after Wa Naa Momori, [Naa Momori Technical Institute, Wa].

These are the Chiefs of Wa Since the 19th Century, 1887.

Wa Naa Sultan Widaana I
Wa Naa Momori II
Wa Naa Yakubu Soalia III
Wa Naa Fuseini Pelpuo IV

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