Rural Banks in Upper West

Upper West Region has four Rural Banks and they are located in Nandom, Lawra, Jirapa and Tumu, these banks are serving about 900,000 People in the Upper West Region based on the 2021 Population Census.

Minimum Paid Up capital is GH¢1,000,000 One million Ghana cedis only or as may be determined by Bank of Ghana from time to time. Note that, Not more than 25% of the initial paid-up capital should be in property, plant and equipment Specifically Capital Expenditure.

Lawra Area Rural Bank is one of the Four Rural Banks in the Upper West Region with it’s Headquarters in the Lawra Municipality. They have a branch in Wa and Give Loans to Business owners and public Sector Workers, The Bank also serves as a Space for Processing Salary for Public Sector Workers. Address: P. O. Box 36, Lawra Contact: +233392091136

Nandom Rural Bank: Nandom Rural Bank is one of the Oldest Banks in Upper West Region and has more branches compared to others, it has ATM Services as well. The Services of Nandom Rural Bank can be Accessed in Several Districts and Municipalities including Wa Municipality in Kpaguri, Fielmuo in Sissala West District, Hamile In the Lambussie District and In Nandom Municipality.

Nandom Rural Bank Plc was incorporated on 14th July, 1980 as a Ltd liability Company (No. 16,624) and licensed to commence business on 31st July, 1981.

The bank operates across seven districts: Nandom District -Head Office (Nandom),Sissala West District-Fielmuo Agency, Lambussie District-Hamile Agency and Piina Funds Mobilisation Centre, Wa Agency: Wa Municipal, Wa East, Wa West and Nadowli Districts

Sonzele Rural Bank – Jirapa

Sonzele Rural Bank Limited was incorporated in 1980 and granted the licence to operate the Business of Banking by the Bank of Ghana on the 24/11/1983, in Jirapa in the then Jirapa/Lambussie District of the Upper West Region. The Bank has been established to offer financial intermediation to the people within its catchment area through effective fund mobilization, fund management and the provision of sound credit.

The Sonzele Rural Bank Limited, which has its headquarters at Jirapa, made a profit of GH¢545,583.00 for the year 2014, representing 51 per cent increase over its 2013 figure of GH¢360,424.00. It also increased its loans and advances significantly from GH¢1,222,648.00 to GH¢1,865,190.00, constituting a rise of 53 per cent.

Sissala Rural Bank


Sissala Rural Bank Limited is a public Limited Liability Company founded by the people of Sissala East, Sissala West and the Wa East together with corporate institutions such as, the Sissala East, Sissala West and the Wa District Assemblies.

The Bank was granted License to operate as a Rural Bank by the Bank of Ghana on 3rd December, 2004 in accordance with the Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673) and certificate to commence business on 17th December, 2004 to carry business of banking within its catchment’s areas.

Mr Godfrey Baveru Kanton, the board chairman of the bank.
Sissala Rural Bank Ltd. ; Address P. O. BOX TM 98,, +233 Tumu, Ghana ; Phone Number 0392096947.



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