UW: Alleged Murder; Information Gathered at Piisi So Far

Alleged Murder between Piisi and SDD-UBIDS

On the 21st of September 2022, it was Alleged that someone had been killed between ‘UDS’ and Piisi in the Wa Municipality.

The allegation was shared by a Social Media User, Snr Sterling Dangoli late hours of 21st, September 2022, it reads:


Another MURDER between Piisi



The post generated fear and panic within the Wa Municipality and other areas.

Checks By Upperwestmedia Team Revealed such rumors were only being speculated Within the Piisi Community by some Market women from reports gathered at a shop.
“I was seated in my shop when I saw some market women passing by, they were speculating that someone had been killed but pointed towards Wa, they didn’t say it Was in Piisi”.

Before that, Some students were interrogated several meters from SDD-UBIDS Police Post, the students of SDD-UBIDS, who were five in number expressed shockΒ  at rumors but stated that nothing of that sort has happened close to the area.

Some Police Officers also at Post, infront of the entry point of SDD-UBIDS with vehicle Number GP4684 also denied knowing or hearing any information to that effect.

The Assembly Member for Bamahu Electoral Area, Hon. Adams Yahaya Jigah was also contact as at 9:36pm, he stated that he wasn’t informed of such a development.

Several People were called when Upperwestmedia Team got to the community but none affirmed to the rumor.

Meanwhile, Some concerned youth have apprehended another Suspect at Siiriyiri in the Wa West District, he has been handed over to the Police. The first Suspect, Kankani Adongo was arrested in Bamahu.


Source: Upperwestmedia.net


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