Ambulance in Wa

Some Ambulances in the Wa Municipality have been exposed to horrendous weather conditions likely to deplete their resilience in a short while.

The development was spotted by a Citizen Journalist who doubles as Assembly Member for Dupari Electoral Area in the Wa East District, Mr. Ibrahim Atawulahi .

An ambulance at the Wa Station close to the Circuit Court was spotted in the rain and also usually left to the mercy of the sun sometimes in the afternoon.

The development he raised eyebrows some group of people demanding that measures are put in place in order not expose the state properties to the mercy of the weather when not in use.

According to the Assembly Member, Hon. Ibrahim Atawulahi:

This is a longtime situation with the upper West Ambulance Service 24-hours rain is on the vehicle 24 hours sun is on the vehicle please please to all concern citizens what can the good people and concern authoritys in the uwr do in helping the uwr Ambulance service that others use to do.


By Upper West Media

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