Deputy Minister for Water Resources and Sanitation, Hon. Amidu Chinnia Issahaku


A servant leader as he is, the Charismatic and Visionary Member of Parliament for Sissala East, Hon Amidu Issahaku Chinnia, has yet again donated an ambulance to the Walembelle Polyclinic and this, undoubtedly, would improve healthcare delivery and ultimately the wellbeing and productivity in the area.

This was just one of the numerous achievements of the affable, diligent, dedicated, decent and development oriented Legislator.

I dare say, without any form of malice or seeking to lampoon or bring down the achievements of others, that no MP historically in the Sisaala East and for that matter the Sissala land has brought developmental interventions to the area than Chinnia in his short and fanciful period as MP.

He has tremendously influenced and impacted positively on the lives and wellbeing of his people in diverse ways, be it human capacity development, agriculture, equipments or infrastructure.

When it comes to human capacity development, Chinnia has secured permanent employment for many young men and women in various state and private agencies. He has also lobbied for scholarships opportunities for many underprivileged students in his area and beyond.

In the area of infrastructure, mention can be made of the Tumu town roads, the first Astro turf in Tumu, the Tumu water system which will be completed soon, various CHPs compounds and classroom blocks dotted across the constituency. All these and more are geared towards ameliorating the sufferings and significantly improving on the standard of living of people.

To further exemplify the charismatic and visionary leader he is, he always goes the extra mile to make sure his people are served. The best leadership is, indeed, one dedicated virtuously to the service and wellbeing of the subordinates (people). Such leaders are rare and hard to find but fortunately for the people of Sisaala East Constituency, they found Amidu Chinnia.

Visionary leaders look beyond today, immediate gains and name-praising to the greater good of his subjects that generations would live to benefit.They believe in building a future where generations to come would enjoy unlabored fruits and be inspired to grow similar fruits for others. Simply put, visionary leaders dream of a tomorrow and build enough buffers for that tomorrow of possibilities. Hon.Chinnia has demonstrated this in a million ways and continues to do so day-in-day-out.

Indeed, Hon. Chinnia, you are a visionary. Generations will remember you. Posterity will honour you.

Suleman Baako
Mohammedsuleman991@gmail. Com

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