It is by no doubt that, increase in crop yield has being seen in recent times compared to the yester years.
This probably could be attributed to Agriculture activities being more capital intensive than the labour intensive it used to be.

Admittedly, the introduction of modern technology in crop production has given birth the use of herbicides and pesticides right from clearing stage, weed control and pest control, harvesting and even storage.
This has consequently led to expansion in land size cultivation especially in food crop and hence high yield at the end of farming season.

Unfortunately, the future is gloomy as we continue to experience indiscriminate application of both herbicides and pesticides in our farmlands, water bodies and even backyards to control weeds or wade off reptiles.

By our practice of indiscriminately applying these chemicals, we continue murdering living organisms such as earthworms and others that by scientific records help loosen the soil and thereby,making it fertile for crop cultivation.
Our water bodies are no longer safe since chemicals applied in farm lands often find its way in to our water bodies after down pour.

Isn’t it now a reality that, mortality rate among both wild animals and domesticated ones can be attributed to these practices since, the animals consume contaminated water resulting from residual herbicides and pesticides from farmlands.
Undoubtedly, this situation poses danger to human lives since we also at the end consume these animals.

No wonder, perishable crops can no longer be stored for two or more days.
It is clear that, almost every food crop is now applied on with these chemicals inappropriately and leaving no good future to our fragile environment.

Haven said much on crops, the manifestation of these practices on flora and fauna in the soil is nothing to talk much about.
These practices have equally in a way led to a drastic reduction in fish catch especially in water bodies situated around farming communities or areas.

The persons in involved in applying these chemicals especially with safety equipment such clothing and nose mask poses danger to human health. This has obviously led to some reported cases of respiratory related health issues.

That notwithstanding, the importation, sale and application of these chemicals need strict regulations unlike what partains else where.
There should be a serious sensitization to farmers on the appropriate chemicals to choose and even how to apply them.
Images below depict how damaging the chemicals are to the grass and also how farmers mix the chemicals right in water bodies they sometimes consume, or serve as water hole for wild animals.

By Ayamga Bawa Fatawu
The Visual Story Teller

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