Wa, Upper West Region

The Upper West Region since it was carved out of Upper Region in 1984 had only Radio Upper West, a Public Radio Station controlled by the Government of Ghana.

Radio Upper West is per law permitted to have the widest coverage in the Upper West Region.

Afterwards, Radio Progress was introduced by the Catholic Church in 1997 it was the second radio station in the Regional Capital before Bugli Radio at Tampaali Pani was also Introduced, Radio Fritz, Sungmaali FM and WFM came afterwards.

Radio Waa, Puopeli FM and Radio Mak were also Introduced before Home Radio was established.
Recently, Tunsung Radio has also been introduced. Plans are in place to Introduce 2 more radio stations in Wa and 1 more in Jirapa.

In other Districts and Municipalities, we have Nandom FM which, Von FM and in Lawra we have Lawra FM, West Link FM, we also have Gwollu FM in Sissala West and Radford FM in Sissala East. Tumpaani FM in Nadowli and Gangaa FM in Jirapa.

Radio Stations in the Region have created employment for several youth and have served as a medium for projecting community issues and development stories.

Aside Radio Stations as source of Information, there has been demands for a TV station to be established in the Region, plans are being put in place by some entrepeneurs to Introduce a TV station but the requirements are what some have no idea about.

Aside a TV Station, there is another medium of media communication we have not directed our minds towards, this medium is newspapers, a news paper is a printed set of information that contains texts and graphics including adverts for the purpose of informing and revealing information. We have several graphic companies in the capital Accra, can such be replicated in the Upper West Region? Sure it can be, we can have news paper media houses such as ‘The Upper West Gate’, ‘Upper West Hour’, Upper West Cover’ et al.

Meanwhile the Bridge News paper was an idea being spearheaded by Ismael Journah Gh and Bamie Tahir Ahmed but the development is on hold Currently.

Districts Without a Radio Station Include:
1. Daffiama-Bussie-Issa
2.Wa West
3. Wa East

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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