Mr. Solomon Dery Engaged the Media on Operations of Azumah Resources

Azumah Resources Limited, an Australian Minning Company with a Branch in Nadowli District has outlined some local policies they intend to uphold and adhere to during their exploration and impending Minning Premeditations.

Speaking to Mr. Solomon Dery in a close door engagement with the Media, he indicated that one Major thing The company will pay attention to is Land Aquisition and Use, they detailed that in this situation, surface rights will be with the people and that the company will deal directly with land owners and not second or third parties.

Secondly, They assured that cultural heritage will be respected, this including limiting their boundaries and not trespassing into Shrines, Sacred groves and cemeteries.

Thirdly, Relocation, The company Indicated that relocation isn’t automatic for them and isn’t also likely.

Lastly, they assured Local Employment and is one of the hallmarks of those Institution.

Azumah Resources Limited


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