Bernard Mornah

Former National Chairman of the PNC, Mr. Bernard Mornah has Revealed who started started solar projects in the Upper West Region.

He made the Revelations in an interview with Morris Banaanwine on Radio Waa’s Yelkabaahi Program, Thursday, 25th of August 2022.

Bernard Mornah indicated that he started solar power projects in Upper West Region siting instances where he started his first project at Nyimbale Zone, a 100MW Project.

“The President was expressing shock that he saw me in Kaleo, I don’t demonstrate against useful projects, the Kaleo Solar Project you know is a useful one but wrongly applied, in any case, if it’s about in solar development in the Upper West Region, I initiated it, I started the 100MW of solar that was supposed to be completed in the Nyimbale Zone, we went to Zini and we were to do 25MW of solar, for some strange reasons when we were closing inn on the power purchase agreement there was a change in government, the government was not interested in solar development and eventually they cancelled that project, the people that brought their money to develop that project, they have done one in Togo and another in Benin, the Money can not be allowed to waste so the investors took it to Benin and Togo, the Zini project didn’t come, the Nyimbale project didn’t come, we did a lot of consultations with all the chiefs but it didn’t happen so I understand the value of solar”.

Mr. Mornah Explained the requirements to establish a capacity of solar in an area.

“To establish one megawatt of solar you need two acres of land so if it’s 13 megawatts we have used 26 acres, so that 26 acre is no more available for any other use, I don’t have an issue with the second phase(15 megawatts) but will it be of benefit to the people”.

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was in Kaleo during his tour and Commissioned a Solar Power Project in Kaleo.


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