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The Week is Young and We are in the 2nd Day of June 2023.

These are Motorbikes for Sale by Augustus Dery in Tamale, Tumu, Sunyani and Other Parts of the Country at Moderate Prices.

This Project Seeks to beat down prices of Motorbikes and other Machines in the Upper West Region.

All Products here are Genuine and you Can Count on Upper West Media Team, if you have issues you can contact the Editor with his contact on our App

All Motorbikes are in Custody of Augustus Dery and all deals should be made directly with him in Tamale, he is close to UBA Bank in Tamale and you can send a relative there to Confirm his presence there.

All Motorbikes Available for the Day are Available Under our Page and you can Refresh this Page for New Updates on Motorcycles at Moderate Prices including Luojia, Haojue, Haojin, Aloba, Honda Etc.

Call Augustus Dery: tell:0552314893

Motorbike(s) in Wa

Luojia 110.
Color: Black
Location: Bamahu
Price: Ghc 7500 Negotiable

Bikes in Tamale
Call Augustus Dery:
1. Luojia 110-8
Location: Tamale aboabo traffic opposite UBA bank
Price: Ghc3500

2. Apsonic 200
Price: Ghc8300 Negotiable
Location: Tamale

3. Apsonic Aloba 125
Price: 8700
Color: Black


4. Haojue 125
Color: White
Price: 7,500
Location: Tamale

5. Haojue 110-5
Location: Tamale
Color: Black
Price: Ghc7,500

6. Apsonic Aloba
Color: Black
Location: Tamale
Price: 8700

7.Savvy North
Color: Black
Location: Tamale
Price: Ghc4,300

8. Haojue 110-3
Location: Tamale
Price: Ghc8,800
Registered – 2021

Motorbikes in Sunyani

1. Apsonic 170
Color: Blue
Location: Sunyani
Price: Ghc8,800

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