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Fuel prices have gone up by 3% in the past pricing window of May.

As Projected by the Oil Marketing Companies(OMCs), fuel prices are expected to rise again before the Month of May comes to an End.

Fuel Stations with the Lowest in the Regional Capital:


Patrol Ghc9.0
Diesel Ghc11


Patrol Ghc 9.1
Diesel Ghc 11

Patrosol however has a low price rate but doesn’t cut across with all distributors. Some distributors sell patrol at Ghc9.07.

Fuel Stations like RAZ’s Oil Still Sells a litre of patrol above Ghc9 with diesel going for Ghc11.

Total, a litre of Patrol goes for Ghc 9.36 whilst diesel is set at Ghc12.

Goil, a litre of Patrol XP is set at Ghc9.35 based on pricing window of 15th May 2022. Diesel goes for Ghc11.2 at the pump.

Excel Fuel Station sells A litre of Patrol for Ghc9.2 whilst diesel goes for Ghc11.

A Gallon of Patrol which is equivalent to 4 Litres goes for at least Ghc36.00
Whilst diesel goes for at least Ghc44.00

Number of Fuel Stations in Upper West have increased significantly with a fuel station established each month,  however several group of people are concerned with how some are sited on Water ways.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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