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It will be recalled sadly that one Mujeeb Rahman purporting to be a national Communications team member and an advocate for Alan granted an interview to Home radio” in Wa on the 11/07/22 where he suggestedcthat the vice president, H.E Dr. Bawumia steps aside for others to be recognized by the party.

Very unfortunate and sad as it is, one would have thought that Mujeebu would rise above such pettiness and lazy political strategy.

The NPP is a party of tradition that recognizes commitment, dedication and selfless Service.

If there is anyone who have dedicatedly fought to redeem the image of the party in our worst trying moments, then that person must be Dr. Bawumia and for that he must be rewarded for his services to the party.

Mujeeb Rahman must know that no one person or group of persons have any entitlement to the NPP and therefore the attitude of asking others to make way for some other people is unheard of.

We in the NPP believe in the democratic processes of choosing our leaders at every stage through an open contest for all qualified persons and the position of
the flagbearer is no exception.

Anyone is allowed to contest
provided they qualify, but the will of the people will always remain supreme and serve as our guide. From all indications, Dr. Bawumia is the man of the moment and the people’s favorite and no one can stop that, not evenvMujeebu or his paymasters.

DMB is a household name and has come to stay and we are sure of breaking the eight with him or with no body.
If others want to be given the mandate to lead the NPP they should work at it and stop the needles attacks on people’s personality and the divisive politics that they are engaged.

The interest of the NPP must be supreme to all before any individual’s interest. Everyone must know that We have a party to protect and build together and we can nevervsucceed if we keep inflicting on ourselves timeless pain and atrocities.

The NPP shall be strong again with DMB and we are breaking the 8 together with him, insha Allah.

Long live the NPP
Long live DMB!





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