DCE for Wa East District, Dr. Ewura Suleman(Left)

The District Chief Executive for Wa East District, Dr. Ewurah Kandia Suleman has expressed interest and support for Canning in Schools referring to it as a measure that will go a long way to make students useful in the future.

He revealed his intentions at Sungmaale FM in an Interview with Nuhu Sualah on Personality Profile, 31st of October 2022.

According to the DCE, when he was in Wa SHS from 1998 to 2000, he used to nurse feeling that he was being treated unfairly buy later realised the teachers were doing the right thing.

“…as part of the package for your training, for instance as Students, you are told to go for preps and in the process you are canned, if one is not careful you may think you are struggling for no reason, you may think you are being maltreated but u think it’s part of the process, it’s part of the package you have to go through, that is why I’m here today if not I wouldn’t be seated here today”.

He continued that they were the first group of students to gain admission into the university from Wa SHS.

“We were not the first class students as at the time but I made sure that where ever you are going with it I’ll follow you there”.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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